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Keanu Reeves Quot Mystery Blonde

Keanu could be returned to its usual home due to watch the reception received by his last film, the sci-fi remake The Day The Earth stood still. La Pain Quotidien translates as daily bread in English. . Reeves, 44, played a precursor of the Earth punishment in the film that in 1951 an updated and original co-star Jennifer Connelly and Kathy Bates. You can take bakery were involved. Film critic clearinghouse site Rotten Tomatoes film clocks in at 20% (about 100) and describes it as heavy special effects, but without a coherent story at its base, the Earth Day has stopped paragraph re-imagining of the 1951 science fiction classic. Keanu Reeve had his car Shaggy accompanied by a woman known for lunch at La Pain Quotidien in Brentwood, California, Sunday.
28.1.09 09:22

On The Scene Kanye West Brandy Ray J Keyshia Cole

He is pictured above with Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld to Dior Homme fashion show. More of the fabulous Mr. West under more Brandy Ray J and Keyshia Cole. Fashionisto Kanye West (or should we say the Louis Martin King, Jr.) has hit more to Paris runway shows during Fashion Week Men Fall / Winter 2009.
28.1.09 09:22

Jude Law Crossword Puzzle Junkie

The 36-year-old actor led to a series of crossword puzzles, Sodoku, brain and other games to kill time between the shooting scene. Yesterday, Jude had a day off from filming. Jude Law keeps warm in a Hoodie blazer and walk to the series of Sherlock Holme in Brooklyn, New York City on Monday (January 26). It was seen walking through the SoHo district of the Big Apple with his daughter Iris, 8, and Rudy, 4.
28.1.09 09:22

Lindsay Lohan Wasting Away

LiLo cocaine should be re -. There is hardly surprising that wears those ugly black legging thingsyou they wear a lot of options when you are skin and bones. L last year, when my father was in hospital, and I couldnt find a wear. GROSS! It needs to be 10-15. My question is. Back! Poor thing. Everything was great. I hope that isn t trying to be as thin as Samantha Ronson. Lindsay Lohan and its sisterAli Lohan were shopping recently, and it is thus clear that Lindsay has a serious problem. Where did not find clothes that fit you?! I weighed 98 pounds. Sam is naturally super thin. As you probably weighs 95 pounds.
28.1.09 09:22

Kings Of Leon

This became particularly evident on the group third and fourth album, 2007 because of the timing and new just for the night. Caleb Followill, Kings Of Leon singer says the band has a simple philosophy: you do not want to repeat itself. We are trying to change from album to album, Followill said in a recent telephone interview. So After Three Albums You Look Back And There Were Things That Youd Done That You Just Barely Dipped Your Toe Into The Water As Opposed To Really Diving In And Thats Something That We Tried To Do With Every Album.
28.1.09 09:22


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